Visa + Entry

Visa Information (for German Travellers)

A visa is required to enter Myanmar. The embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Berlin provides detailed information on visa requirements on its website (


The embassy distinguishes between the following:

- Tourist Visa (Download als PDF-Datei)

- Business Visa (Download als PDF-Datei)

- Social Visit Visa (Download als PDF-Datei)

- Meditation Visa (Download als PDF-Datei)


The Tourist Visa is limited to 4 weeks and must be applied for in advance. The Tourist Visa does not come under the regulations of the “Visa on Arrival”! (Situation June 2012).


To apply for a Visa, your passport must be valid for six months after the day you enter.


Time Difference
Myanmar is +5.5 hours ahead of Germany/ +4.5 during German summertime. (E.g. Germany: 12pm noon summertime / Myanmar: 16:30pm)


Entering the Country
After arriving in Yangon, you will first go through passport control. Then you will pick up your suitcase from the conveyor belt and may have to declare and register items at customs control.


Although this is only a formality, declaration is advisable, so as to guarantee a smooth departure, particularly if you are carrying valuable jewellery. Bringing technical items such as laptops and mobile phones is no problem. Since foreign SIM cards do not work, you should acquire a pre-paid SIM card in Myanmar. This way, you can use Myanmar’s mobile network to make domestic and international calls.


You will be greeted at the airport exit by one of our team members, carrying a sign saying “AMARA MYANMAR TOUR” oder “BAVARIAN MYANMAR TOURS”.


Leaving the Country
Airport tax is 10US$ on departure, which you will have to pay in cash at the airport.
If you would like to buy jewellery or any other valuable items during your trip, please make sure you receive an official receipt with the cost in US$. Hand-written receipts will not be accepted by customs control on departure. You should be careful when buying jewellery from street vendors. We would be happy to refer you to reliable shops in Yangon.


It is strictly illegal to take valuable antiques out of the country, i.e. items that are older than 75 years. Beware of fake antiques, which can look deceptively real.
Taking Buddha images out of the country is also strictly illegal. Please avoid buying these at all costs!




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