Inle Lake Boat Festival

The famous two-week-long boat festival on Inle Lake usually takes place in October, depending on the full moon. The revered Buddha images from the main lake monastery are taken to different lakeside monasteries every day on the spectacularly decorated royal barge.  The barge itself is rudderless and is towed by rowing boats measuring 20-30 by 30m. The leg-rowers dressed in festive attire are accompanied by musicians on each boat. You can watch the procession from a boat and see the ceremonies in the lakeside monasteries. On the last two days of the Buddhas’ journey around the lake, leg-rowing races take place between the towing boats. The synchronised speed of the 60 rowers on each boat are truly impressive.


We offer  3-5 day travel programmes  for this festival, which can easily be combined with other travel plans. Since the Golden Rock Light Festival usually takes place at nearly the same time, a combination of the two is optimal.


Please enquire for more information on dates and prices.



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